If you can cook very well without the use of a blender, you have to admit that this appliance does a good job. Whether it is to grind ice, prepare smoothies, sauce or soup, it is a favorite companion of modern homo cuisinus. But before you rush into the store or online to buy one, it is important to ask yourself the right questions.

Best Blender For Green Smoothies

Best tips for buying a kitchen blender

Here’s how to choose an effective and affordable blender.

What are your needs?

That’s the first question. Indeed, buying a blender can be a real monetary investment; We are talking about various types of blender, a purchase of several hundred dollars. So rather than regret it after a few weeks, it is better to take the time to estimate whether or not it is a purchase to make.

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Frequency of use

How many times per month or per week do you think you can use it? Are you an inveterate lover of smoothies to the point of consuming them every day, several times a day? Then, what you need is a Best Blender For Green Smoothies. Do you have children who are tripping on fresh juices full of vitamins and claiming them every morning? Think before buying!

Variety of accomplishments

Are you going to use your blender only to grind ice during the summer for the realization of your homemade cocktails or do you think you use the whole range of recipes that a blender allows to make?

The price issue

All blenders are obviously not equal and the range of prices offered on the market is quite broad. Between the basic blender and a “beast of competition” for professionals, we make the big difference from the purse! Should we buy the best device on the market? We do not think it’s necessary. Most of the time, a compromise must be made between quality and price. By not taking the ultra-expensive, ultra modern, ultra-pro model, you may not have the perfect result and one or two lumps will survive your preparations, but you will pay 2, 3, 4 times cheaper Your device will work just fine.

Types of kitchen blenders

Best Blender For Green Smoothies - Best tips for buying a kitchen blender

Electric hand blender: Electric hand blenders, or blenders, are both light and inexpensive. They are easy to keep and clean. They work with any bowl, making it the ideal tool for mixing tasks like whiting in snow or whipping cream. They should be operated with both hands, one to hold the blender and the other to stabilize the bowl. Hand blenders are not able to handle the heavier mixing tasks.

Stand blender: Stand blenders have become a basic tool in the kitchen and rightly so. They save you time and muscle power, while the hands-free blender allows multitasking. High-end stand blenders offer superior power and durability, making them ideal for kneading bread and other challenging mixing tasks. Stand blenders are equipped with a tilting head or a mechanism to raise the bowl. Tilt head models require more height when lifted, while models with bowl lifting mechanisms are more resistant and fit in the top cupboards.


Not all manufacturers offer the same warranty on their devices. It is therefore a criterion to be taken into account at the time of purchase.

Ergonomics and look

One of the criteria for choosing a blender is its appearance and ergonomics. Do you prefer knobs or knobs to choose the different functions? Does it have a design that you like, that does not swear with the style of your kitchen?

Think practical!

A blender should be an ally in your kitchen and help you. Take one that is easy to clean and whose parts come off easily. A bad experience with a kitchen appliance and, very often, one is no longer too prone to come out.


It is a quasi-mathematical law: the higher the price of a device, the greater the cost of repairing its parts. Replacing a damaged jar of a high-end device, for example, can exceed $ 100. So take this parameter in your decision at the time of purchase.

The unmistakable noise

A blender, whatever the model, is a device that generates a lot of noise, some reaching 90 decibel, the sound power of a mower! Check if possible.

Hand washing

Even though some jars can be dishwasher safe, it is advisable to wash them by hand. Note that some appliances have a self-cleaning function. Also make sure that no drops of water remain in the mechanism after you have finished washing.

Pssst: To quickly wash your appliance, fill it with half warm water and leave it for a few seconds. This will dislodge the last particles of food!