Single serve coffee makers are capable of producing single cups of hot and fresh coffee by making use of individual K-cups, scoops of ground coffee as well as soft pods.

Whereas the majority of these coffee makers enable you to make individual cups of coffee by drawing from a large water reservoir, the others will hold water which is adequate for a single cup. In fact, there are many benefits of using the best single cup coffee maker on the market. It is much quicker to make a single cup of coffee as compared to an entire pot and this makes it more convenient when compared with a standard coffee maker.


You can easily prepare one cup on your own when you are quite busy during the day and this will save you lots of valuable time. Also, this will help to keep your coffee fresh.

Moreover, the presence of the K-cups allows many single serve coffee makers to prepare cocoa as well as tea apart from coffee. In the subsequent paragraphs, we will throw some light on the top 3 most popular single serve coffee makers on the market.

1. Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System

Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System

At present this particular coffee maker has gained immense popularity all over the world. It is ideal for those individuals who are more concerned about the price of the product. Below we will take a look at the pros and cons of the Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System.


  • Perhaps the most important advantage of this particular brewer is that it is quite affordable. As a matter of fact, it is widely accepted as the best budget single serve coffee brewer at present.
  • Although it doesn’t feature a separate drawer for the ground coffee, it is possible to buy a reusable Keurig cup which can be filled with your own tea or coffee.
  • Comes with an automatic shut-off power saving mode which is going to be operated after the product is inactive for a couple of hours.
  • It is possible to select from as many as three different sizes when purchasing the K-cup pods.
  • It also features a detachable water reservoir which can be easily cleaned in order to eradicate any buildup. Moreover, the reserve is able to hold as much as 48 ounces of water.


  • An absence of brew strength option.

2. Bunn MCU Single Serve Coffee Maker

Bunn MCU Single Serve Coffee Maker

This amazing brewer is quite popular because of its relatively inexpensive cost. It would not be justified to call this product a single serve coffee maker. This is because, it is able to brew ground coffee, loose tea as well as tea pods apart from brewing K-cups. Here you will come across as many as 4 detachable drawers – one for the K-cups, another one for ground coffee, another for coffee pods as well as tea bags and the fourth one that functions as a hot water dispenser.

This single serve brewer can also dispense hot water consistently at a maximum temperature of 200 degree Fahrenheit and it will produce a single serving very quickly due to its ability to get heated up very fast. Below, let us take a look at the advantages and drawbacks of the Bunn MCU.


  • The coffee maker includes 4 separate drawers for brewing pods, K-cups, tea pods, ground coffee, tea bags, and hot water.
  • It will not take too much space in your kitchen because of its compact size.
  • The Pulse setting helps to enhance the strength of the coffee. You will get stronger and richer coffee since the release of the hot water for infusing the ground coffee will be slowed down.
  • The brewer will take less than 1 minute to brew one cup of coffee.
  • Maintaining and cleaning the Bunn MCU is not at all difficult.


  • The coffee maker tends to be a bit noisy.
  • The drawers which are not being employed must be stored. Although there are 4 drawers, you won’t find any spot on the brewer for storing the additional drawers.

3. Nespresso Vertuoline

Nespresso Vertuoline

This particular product is undoubtedly a great option in case you like to make espressos together with a regular cup of coffee. In fact, the Vertuoline allows you to combine a coffee maker along with an espresso machine.


  • It happens to be a machine that serves 2 purposes.
  • It is feasible to use only a single button to operate it despite the fact that it is capable of making either espressos or coffee.
  • It can also be bundled along with a milk frother for producing espresso based beverages too.


  • The quality of the regular coffee produced by this machine is inferior to that of Bunn MyCafe.