Broccoli is a vegetable of the neighboring family to that of cabbage and cauliflower, but they should not be confused because their taste is different. The romanesco cabbage is sometimes called apple broccoli because of its appearance, but it is not a broccoli. Broccoli of Angers and broccoli of Roscoff also are winter cauliflower, they are not real broccoli. The real broccoli is green broccoli, sometimes nicknamed broccoli-asparagus because of its edible stems; Different varieties exist, such as rapini (Italian broccoli), red broccoli (brocoli with red floret), broccoli violet, white broccoli, they all have the same nutritional characteristics to a very close.

Calories In Steamed Broccoli

Broccoli does not lose weight on its own, however it is low calorie and therefore suitable during weight loss, it allows to prepare light meals of vegetables. Broccoli and diet do very well. In addition to being low in calories (see below), vitamin K and vitamin C are also found in food. Broccoli is also rich in water, fiber, and many minerals – it is therefore a healthy food like most vegetables! Crunchy or fondant according to the cooking, its characteristic taste is very sweet, it is advantageous for the health especially when it is eaten raw or half cooked. Broccoli may help prevent cancer, but it is not yet proven.

Here Is The Nutritional Information For 100g Of Broccoli Raw:

  • Carbohydrates: 2g
  • Proteins: 1g
  • Calories: 15kcal

A bunch of broccoli weighs 250 grams on average and contains about 38 calories. Calories In Steamed Broccoli is 2 times more caloric (30kcal / 100g) because it will have lost part of its water, it is absolutely not a problem for the weight loss since it remains a low-calorie food.

You will find fresh broccoli on the stalls of your futures and market gardeners from September to March. Choose your broccoli with a firm and tight head, a beautiful green slightly blue or purple (but not especially yellow). The base of the stem should be still moist, avoid dried stem broccoli; Moreover, if the stem contains blooming flowers, then it is a sign that the broccoli is not very fresh and it will then be of a bitter taste.

Calorie in cooked and raw broccoli - Does broccoli make you lose weight

You can keep your broccoli bouquets in the refrigerator in the vegetable tray for about 4 days, but protect it (while allowing it to breathe) in kraft paper or a perforated plastic bag because it is fragile and the smallest Heads are easily damaged. Broccoli can be frozen like many other vegetables after blanching for 5 minutes (cooked in boiling water) and then allowed to cool and placed in freezer bags.

Broccoli is the vegetable that is easy to prepare par excellence, if you do not eat enough vegetables by laziness you no longer have any excuses. You will wash it first in fresh water. It is easily eaten raw broccoli with natural crunch or accompanied by a light sauce like a yoghurt sauce, or grated with a vegetable grater on a pasta dish to give it crunchy. An excellent light salad of broccoli and haddock (haddock) with lemon juice is also prepared. Red broccoli, on the other hand, loses its color when cooked, so it is better to consume it raw.

It can also be cooked easily cooked: 5 minutes steaming, steam cooker for example, for a crunchy texture, or 7 to 10 minutes in salted boiling water for a fondant texture. Use steam cooking instead of boiling, as overcooked broccoli is very bad (the broccoli in your school canteen bears witness to this!) After cooking, immerse them in cold water Seconds to keep their color. You can cook both the broccoli flower heads and the tender broccoli stalks. If you want to cook the stems, peel them with the economical knife and cut them into pieces of equal size and small thickness, to cook them simultaneously with the heads. Rapini (Italian broccoli) has to cook much faster, 2 to 3 minutes is enough.

Once cooked, the broccoli accompanies starches and serve as vegetable for a complete meal. You can also prepare a puree of broccoli, with or without potato, which will be a puree of vegetable light and dietetic. You will find recipes of broccoli in a good book of vegetable recipe. Avoid broccoli gratin and other dishes containing broccoli married to other foods high in fat.

On the other hand, the broccoli flowers in buttons that are still closed are edible, and even broccoli sauerkraut can be made by grazing and fermenting broccoli stems (just like cabbage sauerkraut).