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Calories In Steamed Broccoli: Does Broccoli Make You Lose Weight?

Broccoli is a vegetable of the neighboring family to that of cabbage and cauliflower, but they should not be confused because their taste is different. The romanesco cabbage is sometimes called apple broccoli because of its appearance, but it is not a broccoli. Broccoli of Angers and broccoli of Roscoff also are winter cauliflower, they are not real broccoli. The real broccoli is green broccoli, sometimes nicknamed broccoli-asparagus because of its edible stems; Different varieties exist, such as rapini (Italian broccoli), red broccoli (brocoli with red floret), broccoli violet, white broccoli, they all have the same nutritional characteristics to a very close.

Calories In Steamed Broccoli

Broccoli does not lose weight on its own, however it is low calorie and therefore suitable during weight loss, it allows to prepare light meals of vegetables. Broccoli and diet do very well. In addition to being low in calories (see below), vitamin K and vitamin C are also found in food. Broccoli is also rich in water, fiber, and many minerals – it is therefore a healthy food like most vegetables! Crunchy or fondant according to the cooking, its characteristic taste is very sweet, it is advantageous for the health especially when it is eaten raw or half cooked. Broccoli may help prevent cancer, but it is not yet proven.

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How To Tell If Chicken Is Done (How To Know If The Chicken Is Cooked)

We show you how to properly measure the internal temperature of cooked chicken to answer the question how to tell if chicken is done.

How To Tell If Chicken Is Done

Cooking A Chicken: Techniques And Cooking Times

From roast chicken on Sundays to chicken escalope made quickly on weekdays, the chicken is often present at our table. Its soft taste, soft texture and versatility make it an ally when you lack inspiration in the kitchen. It’s simple, it goes with everything! Chicken sautéed with vegetables, curried chicken, roasted chicken and potatoes, chicken braised in white wine … But still it is necessary to know how to cook it. Too cooked, its naturally tender flesh can quickly become dry and tasteless. This week, a little lesson about chicken: the best techniques and cooking times that will ensure you a cooked chicken.

In the oven:

If you choose to make a roast chicken in the oven, coat it with fat and season it before putting it in a large dish. Surround vegetables and spices, and pour a glass of water at the bottom of the dish to prevent drying the flesh.

Allow 30 minutes of cooking per 500g of meat at 210 ° C. Make sure to water it during cooking to preserve its soft flesh.

Small tip: the stuffing of herbs or a whole lemon will gently perfume your chicken.

To the casserole:

Perfect to keep a very tender meat of broth, the cooking with the casserole is perfect for recipes of braised chicken. It will be on low heat for at least 1 hour. First, make the chicken whole or in pieces in a little fat to make the skin color, then cook slowly in a bottom of liquid (water, broth, wine) and covered.

You can also cook the chicken in the cast iron casserole in the oven at 180 ° C. The cooking time will remain the same, about 1 hour for a 1 kg chicken. This soft cooking method will ensure a soft and fragrant flesh.

In both cases, be sure to check the amount of liquid halfway through cooking and do not hesitate to add more.

In the pan:

The easiest and fastest method, which does not even require to buy a whole chicken. You can choose your favorite pieces like nets or thighs. Cut the chicken into strips or regular pieces and sauté for 15 to 20 minutes with a little fat. The secret of sautéed chicken is not to cook it too hard. Begin cooking by grasping the meat and then lower the heat so that the heat can reach the heart gradually and thus preserve the tenderness of the chicken. Sauteed vegetables at the same time can serve as an accompaniment, and a filet of fresh cream added at the end of the cooking will make a delicious sauce very easy to make.

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